What to expect when you hire me to reach your goals:

1)      We start with a client questionnaire form so that I can get to know you, your history, your goals, and what you expect from me.  I will review this form to ensure that we are a great fit for each other as I only want to work with those who I can truly help.  If I feel that I cannot serve you to my highest standard then I will choose to not accept your money and I will do my best to point you in a direction that may be a better fit.  I take the questionnaire very seriously, as I truly care about helping you reach your goals.

2)      I am always available for any questions you have via either e-mail or my training and tracking app!  I will always respond to questions within 24 hours and if there are any exceptions to that, you will know ahead of time.

3)      You will check in with me weekly via my training and tracking app where you can log progress pictures, measurements, weight, macros, and training.  This allows everything to be in one central place and allows both you and myself to have constant access to all of this information.  You will also fill out a questionnaire once a week so that I can have a full and complete understanding of how you are feeling, sleeping, recovering, coping, etc.  This may seem to be a lot to do every single week but it allows me to know that anything we are doing or changing is benefiting you and helping you.

4)      We will also schedule an initial phone call or FaceTime to discuss any questions you may have before beginning.  A phone call or FaceTime will also be scheduled once a month to get a more thorough check-in and cover any questions, concerns, thought, etc. that you have.

5)      I use a flexible dieting approach where I will provide you with macronutrient targets to hit each day that are specifically set to reach your desired goals.  This means that you will be expected to weigh and measure your foods as often as possible and estimate only when needed and depending on your goal. If you are unfamiliar with tracking your macros, I have a free guide that is available to help you get started.

6)      This approach allows you great flexibility in what foods you want to eat and when you eat them.  However, I can and will provide guidance on which foods may better fit for you, tips on preparing food, tips on eating out, guidance on when you eat to maximize performance, etc.  This is specifically to set up a successful plan that fits your lifestyle and still allows you to reach your goals.

7)      Along with nutrition coaching, I will also provide you valuable information on supplementation.  While supplementation is just that, supplemental, there may be products that help you reach your goals, faster, easier, or while maximizing performance.  I am affiliated with a supplement company, Core Nutritionals, strictly because I believe that they do produce top of the line supplements and care deeply about their customers the same way that I do about mine.  That being said, I will always recommend their products first unless you are looking for a product that they do not offer or inquire about another product.  My goal is to coach you to your goals, not sell you supplements.

8)      Also included with nutrition coaching is a cardio plan.  This is because cardio can plan such a large roll in your daily food intake and is a useful tool to help reach your goals.  I will discuss what forms of cardio work best for you and your lifestyle and plan out a regiment with you.

9)      If I am also coaching you on training, I will start with some questions to assess your training history, goals, limitations, etc.  Providing training without being in person presents many challenges, however, I will do my best to guide you the best that I can.  Every program will begin with an intro phase where I will have you perform a variety of exercises and provide feedback on the ones that you felt were the most effective, ineffective, limited, etc.  This will be a starting point to design a program specifically tailored to you and your body mechanics.

10)   Through the app you will be able to upload videos of any exercises that you would like critiques on to perform the movement better.  Obviously, this is no substitute for being in person but it can guide you in the right direction to have a watchful eye reviewing your movement.

11)   Once a program is designed for you, you will be able to log every set and rep of every workout in the app.  This provides me guidance on what is working and what is not as well as keeps a log for you so that you know what you did in the weeks prior and can continue to push yourself to make progress from week to week.  The app also has a great feature that will show you a video of how to perform each movement if you are unsure.

12)   Programs will be provided to you in blocks, typically 4-8 weeks long.  During that time you are welcome to ask questions as needed and adjustments can be made if completely necessary.  When each block is complete, I will review your feedback, performance, and goals to set up the next training block. 


I hope this gives you a good outline of what you can expect when you hire me with your hard-earned money.  I am just as invested as seeing you reach your goals as you are, all while having a great coaching experience.   Lastly, I want you to be able to fire me someday!  Weird, I know, but I want you to learn how to do all of these things on your own and be able to have control over the health and fitness aspect of your life!


Thank you!
Joe Harrenstein